Adopted in November 1978. Amended August 2013 All Previous Constitutions are replealed.

The South African Stomaltherapy Association (SASA)

  1. Area of Operation
    The are of operation are fund raising shall be the Republic of South Africa. Statutory amendment November 1996

  2. Mission Statement
    The South African Stomaltherapy Association (SASA) is a non profit organisation No: 004-890 established for the purpose of maintaining optimum care for individuals With ostomies, incontinence, draining wounds, fistulae, draining and feeding tubes and Actual or potential alterations in tissue integrity.

  3. Philosophy
    To foster excellence of care for individuals with the specific needs provided by or under The direction of a stomaltherapy nurse ( refer Code of Stomaltherapy Practice Appendix A) And to share this knowledge and expertise with colleagues in the healthcare professions.
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